Montag, 20. Februar 2012


It seems like, I don't have a lot of luck with my health this month...
I have a flu and I am pretty annoyed about this. So I am laying in my bed again, feeling horrible and looking like a dead woman... 

At the moment I am thinking a lot about Tattoos.
In the age of 14 I always wanted some wings on my back... After 7 years I decided to draw the wings by myself.

My wings

After this piece, I was sure, I will never ever make a second one. But I lost some time of my life on tumblr... and discovered a pretty tattoo:

I LOVE garter tattoos! Seriously, I was thinking to do one like this too... but then I realized "Honey, if you gain weight, it will be ever ever ever on THIS place." Damn. So I had to skip that wish of doing a garter Tattoo. Sad story is sad.
(Otherwise I just don't have to gain weight, but it's easy to say and difficult to do...)

All in all, I really love Tattoos. Each piece tells a small or big story about the owner.. I like it a lot on other persons, on women and men. ;)
What do you think about them?

Now I have to go to sleep. I am pretty tired and have to be healthy soon.
(I need to do sports! ;))

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