Montag, 2. April 2012

1st day

After 6 months, living in an other town, my fashiondesign academy has finally started!
Today was my first day and I think I will like it. :)

I was a little bit dizzy the whole day, because I was ill the last week. Believe me... I am so annoyed... I just want to be healthy again? -.- (I want to do sports... and stuff like that... but at the moment I am feeling too weak for nearly everything)

After the Introduction, everyone got a small present from the academy.

Yeah for black :D

My timetable is very nice and very interesting...
Tomorrow we will do nude drawings... I never did something like that before, so I am pretty anxious about that. (I will try to make some pictures.)

Ah, at last I wanted to show you a "School-Starting-Present" from a lovely friend of mine.
She asked me if we can meet today... and then we met each other and she handed over this:

So cute! <3 Thanks my dear!

It's filled with a lot of nice stuff, sweets... and it's covered with lovely words <3 ! :)
Much kisses to you <3

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