Sonntag, 29. April 2012

Nude Drawings 3+4

Mhh... The last week I felt like I had no time for anything...
So I am very sorry for not posting a single thing last week!

The last two lessons, we had a new model. It was a different experience to draw the other woman.

Lesson 3:

The next time, our model overslept a part of our lesson...
So we had to draw our classmates in clothes. That was an other different experience. First I thought it will be much easier to draw people IN clothes, but it's so much easier to draw them without clothes...

Moja <3 :D

And our Model:

Next week I have some kind of vacation... I hope I'll have time to post more and to sew some stuff.
Maybe I'll have some time in the evening to show you some other stuff and pictures from the fashion-show (there was a fashion-show at my school this weekend and I made some pictures :))

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