Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Plaid Boots

After some troubles I received my lovely plaid platform boots!

A freaking huge platform!!! :D

At the moment I am totally in love with punk-items and outfits... I can't wait to wear this!

Ah, this week I think I will not post some nude drawings, because our model was crying the whole time, while we had to draw her. It was a creepy and sad situation, because everyone don't wanted to draw her like that, but she don't wanted to stop... 
And I felt very bad about it and I hope she is better right now. 
I don't know the reasons for her tears, but it was a very strange feeling...

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

My meetup Outfit, Nude Drawings 6 and an other drawing

Nude drawings again. Somehow I'm feeling a little bit stupid, because I only have time to post this drawings and school stuff... I want to do other things too! :(

And our last homework:

We had to draw this small picture bigger...

And now something different!
I went to a meetup with my girls and after we are back on our way home, a guy stopped us. 
He asked for my permission to make pictures of my Outfit. Here are the pictures (you can also find them on )

Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012

Nude Drawings 5 and some abstract collages

In our Lesson 5 for nude drawings, we had to draw a man. 
First he brought along his 1 year old daughter. She was so cute. But she was also "talking" laughing, and crawling over the floor... So it was not easy to concentrate completely... 
Oh, and she scooped out my whole pencil case. Thanks cutie... :'D  
(but she was sooo sweet. I rarely love small kids, but she was so awww~ <3 xD)

Here are some drawings from today

He startet with poses, completely dressed.

Not finished at all...

It was very difficult to draw a man. I really get used to draw women, that I was completely confused with the different body-shape from a man...

Oh! In the first lessons from today we finished some abstract-collages-collections. 
(Or something like this...)
Here are my favorites:

I am so sorry for the strange flash :'D

Soon I will start with my new work. I can't wait for it... 
And I will color my hair with  8 colors? 
But I am not sure if I will mix them, that they are not in a special system, or let them look like a rainbooooow~

Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Daytrip Bremen

Yesterday I had a free day, so I spent this day with my boyfriend in Bremen. :)

It was very nice to do something different...  
The last time I was sitting a lot on the laptop, doing researches... writing applications and such things... 
So I really needed something like this.
 Thanks darling <3

I took some pictures for the photography lesson in my academy.
We had to practice timing (and movement) and focus.

Random shoes... Random picture... :D

I hope you like them! :)

Fashion Show Spring 2012 and my new hair!

In a distance of 6 months, my academy makes fashion shows.
Last week there was a small fashion show inside of the academy. It was very short but I liked some Outfits a lot. 
I will show you my favorite Pictures:

She has a great voice!

Bad quality, but I like the moment where the models are all turning around...

Oh! And I changed the color of my hair! The whole time I was totally fascinated from people with pink, blue or green hair. So I decided to color my hair in rainbow-dip-dye. A lovely friend of mine helped me to do this, because my hair are to short to do this by myself... (I hope they will grow faster... seriously. :D )

Look here
A mess... xD

On this picture, the colors are already a little bit washed out... I feel like I need to color them like every week? After 4 days? At the moment they are pink, turquoise, blonde and violet. But I want to add green, red and blue too.