Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Fashion Show Spring 2012 and my new hair!

In a distance of 6 months, my academy makes fashion shows.
Last week there was a small fashion show inside of the academy. It was very short but I liked some Outfits a lot. 
I will show you my favorite Pictures:

She has a great voice!

Bad quality, but I like the moment where the models are all turning around...

Oh! And I changed the color of my hair! The whole time I was totally fascinated from people with pink, blue or green hair. So I decided to color my hair in rainbow-dip-dye. A lovely friend of mine helped me to do this, because my hair are to short to do this by myself... (I hope they will grow faster... seriously. :D )

Look here
A mess... xD

On this picture, the colors are already a little bit washed out... I feel like I need to color them like every week? After 4 days? At the moment they are pink, turquoise, blonde and violet. But I want to add green, red and blue too. 

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