Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012

Nude Drawings 5 and some abstract collages

In our Lesson 5 for nude drawings, we had to draw a man. 
First he brought along his 1 year old daughter. She was so cute. But she was also "talking" laughing, and crawling over the floor... So it was not easy to concentrate completely... 
Oh, and she scooped out my whole pencil case. Thanks cutie... :'D  
(but she was sooo sweet. I rarely love small kids, but she was so awww~ <3 xD)

Here are some drawings from today

He startet with poses, completely dressed.

Not finished at all...

It was very difficult to draw a man. I really get used to draw women, that I was completely confused with the different body-shape from a man...

Oh! In the first lessons from today we finished some abstract-collages-collections. 
(Or something like this...)
Here are my favorites:

I am so sorry for the strange flash :'D

Soon I will start with my new work. I can't wait for it... 
And I will color my hair with  8 colors? 
But I am not sure if I will mix them, that they are not in a special system, or let them look like a rainbooooow~

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