Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

Vacation Part 2

I also went shopping the last time, during my vacation.
Here are some things I've bought

It's very funny how other people look at your legs... XD

I love this one so much, finally I have it!

A studded necklace from H&M

Violet butterflies!!!
Finally I had the chance to buy some violet butterflies at a store. I was looking for them for ages. Now I have some matching butterflies for my Midsummer Nights Dream Skirt in violet. Now I need some navy Pumps... <3

And I wanted to show you a small preview of the project I am working at the moment.

very very small preview... :DDD

It will be a fotoshooting with some musicians.
And I can' wait for it. But now I will go out and swim.
It's very hot here and I need something to refresh myself ~ <3
(and after that I will sew again. Maybe you can join me during my sewing time at: I think I will be there in the evening)

Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

Vacation Part 1

Finally I am back from my vacation. I visited my family and my friends in my hometown. 
It was very nice and I am looking forward to see them all again. 

I just wanted to post two Outfits. 

My Picknick Outfit before I visited my family:

 And my Outfit, during a shopping trip with my boyfriend.

Thanks for this awesome picture!

Next time I am thinking of posting some purchases and Outfits from the last months.