Samstag, 18. August 2012

Rose Elle Tulle Skirt

I have to stay some days at home, because I am ill. But doing nothing to whole time is to boring for me, so I finished a project, that I started a long time ago.

Here is the result:

Dot Tulle Ruffle-Butt :D

I named the skirt "Rose Elle" a long time ago... damn, I think I have to sew more stuff again.. 
More Lolita and more other ideas. Hopefully I will find some time to do this now... The last time was very full with work and other things, which are actually not bad. But sometimes I wish I could spent more time for sewing or relaxing. I haven't the time for this since 6 months? 

This is also the Outfit I wanted to wear on a meetup. But it will be very hot that day, that I decided not to wear Lolita and not to go to the meetup. Otherwise I will melt in my classic outfit... I hope there will be a meetup again... I hadn't the time to visit one single Lolita-Meetup. Time is running... tic tic tic. 
Very annoying.  :D

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