Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

Inspiration Stuff October

The last time I was looking for some interesting inspiration stuff.
I am a fan of japanese streetfashion and all that stuff that shows up on KERA. 
Yesterday some new mags arrived at my place and I hope I can use them well :)
(I know, they are old, but they are full of fancy and colorful stuff <3)

The most Lolita-Brand Prints that are shown in them, remind me on my old old Lolita-Time.
( I need to sew more Lolita-Clothes. I want to wear them again... )

I am totally in love with too much styles... I can not decide which one is better ^_^"
( That means, I need mooore time to make clothes....)
(Picture from )

(Picture from )

They are both so awesome! :D

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