Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

Pink Tartan Skirt and Coord

The last weeks I wasn't able to walk without pain... So I had to sit at home and  was not able to do anything! -.-
I tried everyday to do something, I wanted to sew so badly T^T

Today I want to show you, my newest skirt & the coord.

My heavy heavy tartan skirt <3

After I finished it, I tried out which clothes will match to it. This is my first Idea:
 (I am pretty sure, other ideas will follow... :D)

Tadaaaa! ~ :D 
I am thinking of wearing it with white overknees or white&black striped tights and black platform shoes.

And this amazing thing, which I ordered some weeks ago from Lockshop <3

Amazing spikes!
I am also thinking of doing a hairband like this, by myself in pink & red. I hope I will find some nice materials for them <3 (and time..)

Maybe I will post something about my actual hair-problem the next time... 

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