Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013


Hello Hello! 

My haircolor changed some days ago. 
(not everything, just a little part ;))
I was hesitating and worrying if it will look stupid with lolita-fashion, but I wanted to give it a try!

I am wearing violet circlelenses from G&G.
They are totally different, compared to the circlelenses from GEO. 
GEO: I feel them while I am wearing them and sometimes I see a part of them >.<
G&G:  I don't feel anything :D It's so awesome!

Oh and at the end I wanted to show the blog, from this young man:

Photo taken by me - but I have to practice more...

Please take a look, it's about his great illustrations (and the things he is drawing at the academy)


  1. Ich mag deine neue Haarfarbe sehr :) *alle daumen hoch*

  2. Die neue Haarfarbe steht dir sehr gut, die violetten Strähnen sind absolut toll :)Die Circle Lenses passen auch super dazu!

    1. Ich danke dir ^_^
      Ja, die Circle Lenses sind einfach ein Traum <3