Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Sewing Post March Part 1

Looking back, I realized that I've been sewing a lot this month!

I wanted to sew at least one piece per week, but now I have to split my sewing post! 

I made a gobelin skirt and I have to admit, it was the worst material I've ever worked with!
(maybe I just have to use it more, but I was really shocked how stiff it is! Really, this skirt can stand alone, without any help)

A musicalnote knit!
Like I told you some weeks ago, I made a musicalnote knit and this is the result!
It's so soft  <3

After this pieces, I wanted to make a lolita dress again

I used this fabric in my lolita-starting time, (like 7 years ago?)  and this is my new version! 
It has a tulle rufflebutt and I am very happy how it turned out.
Maybe I will wear it on Enchanted?

Fullshirring summer JSK with a matching flower

Finally I have a butterfly dress! 
(and cats... and cards... and frames... there is nearly everything on it)

I guess, I will stop for today, since this would be a little bit too long! 
More clothes will follow in part 2! 

Thank you very much for reading and have a lovely day!

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