Dienstag, 29. April 2014

Short Red Roses

Hello everyone!

At the moment I have vacation - that means a lot of time to wear lolita and to sew dresses!
(and for blogging!)

Yesterday we went to town to buy Momo a new jacket. (^~^)
(and it was successful!)
We also discovered some nice spots for taking pictures! 

During the shopping-trip we also found a cute little rack, where I can store my hair accessoires 

Flowers here, flowers there!

Outfit of the day

JSK, Headpiece, Necklace: Li-Paro
Blouse: TK-Maxx
Shoes: Antaina
Bag: Restyle

I fell in love with the location, because the trees are very beautiful and I also saw a brown hare!
So the next time, I need to go exploring <3

Thanks a lot for reading and have a great evening!