Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

J-Store Teaparty feat. Li-Paro

Hello everyone!

The last time I didn't felt well and so I didn't made a posting the last weeks.
It's a bit better now, but maybe it will take some time to recover completely.

But my saturday was lovely and I wanted to tell something about it:

This saturday we had a local teaparty in Hamburg!
The J-Store Hamburg celebrated the first lolita collection from Strawmary!
You can try on the dresses in different sizes (and also buy them!), so it's a great chance for everyone, who ever wanted to try lolita! 

Strawmary dresses

We had a lot of pretty foods, tea and sparkling wine! 

The group was great and the outfits were so pretty! 
(a big thank you to the two girls who organized the teaparty )

The whole group, aren't they lovely?
I was pleased about to meet them all! 

Sha, me, Sandra, Julie

Sandra from Dunkelsüß & one of the authors from Shades of Wonderland, also came to hamburg to visit us! It was great to see her again (*´・v・)

Fortunately I had the chance to show some of my pieces in the J-Store too!
I hope we'll work together in future again! 

Romantic Forest JSK
Some accessoires

I am very happy that I was able to show my newest print & JSK in real, because we started the pre-order for it!
It's open until the 6th July, the slots are limited!
(and I think I need the other colors too... (*‿*✿))

 Thank you so much for reading and I wish you a great week!


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  1. Ich drücke dir ganz doll die Daumen, dass die Zusammenarbeit vielleicht noch weitergeht! Wäre ja echt super =)
    Und Samstag war auch toll mit euch, danke fürs Jury spielen^^