Sonntag, 6. März 2016

Time passes by in a blink of an eye...

Last thursday I completed one of the biggest parts of my graduation.

Jep, it's menswear!

For my graduation, I decided to make a menswear collection. I started to be interested in fashion design and my fashion designs studies with menswear and I thought it's a nice thing to finish with it.

The following picture is around 5 years old.

Picture taken from Jess, me and my Model L.

To admit it, I had a very hard time with studying fashion design. Since I always wanted to create more, doing amazing things and never felt truly satisfied with what I made.
But maybe that's something that keeps me going.

I also wanted to show you my favorite photo of my menswear collection.
Thanks to the lovely photographer and my dearest models for helping me.
More pictures can be found at my facebookpage from Li-Paro!

Model A. and Model L.

During the time at the academy, it sometimes felt like it will never have an end, but now there is only one thing to accomplish left.
This month I'll have my colloquium at fashion academy and I can't wait for the fashion show at the 30th April.

I am excited what will happen next and I am looking forward for it. 
Creating fashion is still one of the best things of the world for me.

Please keep following my blog and thank you so much for following me until now.